Madison Paige, Founder & CEO Bold Blue Campaigns
It was not my aspiration to establish a SuperPAC.
In fact, my sincere hope is that with enough support, someone who really has a passion for...SuperPACing (?) will come in and administrate it.
See, my passion is helping lower profile state and local Democratic candidates have a shot at making progress and taking power in their states and communities. So I founded Bold Blue Campaigns in 2013 to do exactly that.
It's been a slog. We've been through some battles and taken a lot of hits and enjoyed quite a few victories. But because Bold Blue Campaigns is a consultancy (and by law we have to be, since we work directly with smaller, lower profile campaigns), we've had a hell of a time creating the unified relationships necessary to help candidates. 
"The bottom line is that if you want to play the game, you have to play the same game everyone else is playing. This is familiar territory to organizations and to many people. So here we are."
But I have taken it a step further, because even though its legal for consultants to establish SuperPACs, and many have done so with the goal of personal enrichment, that's not my goal. Only one of the five-point strategies listed on this site involve Bold Blue Campaigns. The other four are initiatives that I believe are desperately needed and that the SuperPAC will, ideally, fund as well.
This was a tough decision for me. But I have said many times before that I believe my vision for state and local candidates, my desire to create a new paradigm for Democratic electoral politics and progress for the American Left is a calling. So I will continue this work and through whatever means necessary and see this vision through to success.