That's the thing that's lacking. For all the begging emails, for all the (mis)organization, and protests and busy-ness (business) and all the urgency, there's been an astounding lack of the results we want on the Left. 

It's time for a new era of accountability.

It's time for less "mascoting" and more "running the ball down the field."

  • We WILL NOT fill your inbox with urgent requests for money

  • We WILL NOT inundate your social media feed with edgy memes

  • We WILL NOT be asking you to "sign a petition". Ever 

  • We WILL NOT proliferate junk journalism

  • We WILL  update you monthly showing you how your support has been effective

  • We WILL show you  the progress that is happening in states and communities across the country

  • We WILL keep you posted on state and local Republican shenanigans

  • We WILL ask your to help is grow this movement by telling your friends about it