$10.4 million


The average US Senate campaign costs $10.4 million. The average US Congressional, $1.5 million. But the average state or local election campaign costs $50,000. Smaller budgets means lack of access to critical services and experienced campaign staff and difficulty running strong, credible, competitive campaigns. As a result, Democrats have lost opportunities to acquire
positions of power and enact positive, people-centric policies in government.  Local and state parties atrophy, we fail to build a bench for the future and we get further away from the America we all envision.

$1.5 million

Operation Red Map

Operation Blue Map

When the GOP decided to attack state and local campaigns more than 10 years ago with Operation Red Map, it took them more than a decade and $30 million to flip state houses red. Operation Blue Map, the Democratic response to the Republican takeover of state and local government, can be effective for less money in as few as 5 or 6 cycles.

Operation Blue Map bridges the gap between our

candidate's passionate but usually inexperienced

staff and the expensive campaign management services typically available only to deep-pocketed campaigns. 


People Over PACs will facilitate the support of thousands of local and state campaigns, using Bold Blue Campaigns as the conduit. The Bold Blue Campaign's model,  a streamlined, scaleable,  technology-based system, allows experienced strategic advisers to work with large number of Democratic state and local campaigns and their staffs nationwide. 

The Republican Party started their quiet takeover by dominating local races decades ago. Then in 2010, they embarked on a project called Operation Red Map. Its goal: to flip as many Democratically held state legislatures and governorships to Republican control as possible.  It worked. Today, Republicans hold 31 state legislatures nationwide and have heavily gerrymandered federal congressional districts.

Already working for Democrats

The Operation Blue Map model has already been successful on a small scale. In 2018, Bold Blue Campaigns employed this very model in Florida and achieved outstanding results.  With People Over PACs support for broadscale implementation, Democrats can make stealthy gains in races and districts Republicans aren't expecting and we can do it in states and districts across the country. Democrats can create wins and acquire power in competitive state and local districts nationwide and create quantifiable progress in hard red districts, laying the foundation for electoral shifts over time. And since coattails in modern elections come not from the top down, but rather, from the bottom up, every local and state race buoyed by this new campaign model will generate voting windfalls at the top of the ballot, as well. Combined with our Easy Blue Vote App and our Find The 40 initiatives, Operation Blue Map creates a rising tide of winning local races will lift all the Democratic boats.