For too long the Left has been plagued with poor messaging and insufficient networks to distribute it. The right, led by strategists such as Karl Rove and messaging experts such as Frank Luntz, have used smart, strategic rhetoric to influence American language and make it easier for them to reach their political goals.

Language matters. There is a reason why global warming was changed to climate change. Gay marriage was changed to marriage equality. There is a reason why “school choice” gets traction in places it shouldn’t and why “gun control” hasn’t happened. And we all know “No Child Left Behind” left a whole generation of kids behind, "citizen's united" has nothing to do with citizens and the "right to work" is a fancy wrapping for worker exploitation. 

Words matter because they effect positioning, orientation, thoughts and beliefs - and beliefs drive actions. Distribution also matters. The right is "top down oriented" and has enjoyed AM radio and Fox News to help proliferate its messaging. The right has been masterful at this and if we want to get them out of power and keep them out of power, we must reduce their social and political influence. To do this, we must get exponentially better and more prolific than our opponents when it comes to messaging.

The Narrative Coalition is a messaging and communications network, perfectly suited to the culture of the American Left, whose sole purpose is creating unified, strategic messaging that drives social thought, shifts beliefs and delivers favorable political outcomes.


The Braintrust

The BrainTrust is comprised of a diverse team of linguists, political scientists, data nerds, psychologists, brain science experts, marketers, advertisers, pop culture icons, social scientists, historians and political operatives. Together, they convene to create rhetoric and massaging that is data and science-based and works from the national level all the way down to tiny local districts across America. 


The Network

The Network is a people-based system of information management and dissemination that includes the use of online and offline strategies and tactics, influencers, activist frameworks, artistic collaborations, and elected and appointed officials to strategically propagate messages in accordance with the culture of the Left. The Network is comprised of verified and vetted Narrative Coalition members who take the narratives, messages and languages that comes out of the Brain Trust and propagate and amplify them in strategic, targeted ways.