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While the country’s focus is primarily on the presidency and the 535 federally elected legislative offices in Washington, D.C., there are more than 500,000 state and local elected positions being filled nationwide. It is in our state legislatures and local governments that the vast majority of governing that affects our lives is taking place.






The issues we all care about are being legislated in states and municipalities nationwide. For instance, while Congress remains gridlocked over the $7.25 per hour minimum wage, all but 13 states have minimum wages exceeding the federal minimum. From health care to abortion to marijuana to green energy to broadband, states and municipal governments are making critical decisions that effect our lives right away. It more important than ever that voters choose their elected officials carefully  -- up and down the ballot. But how? 


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Millions of Americans are balancing multiple jobs just to stay afloat. And with numerous districts and candidates to keep track of, there just isn't enough time to learn about the candidates who, if elected, will decide how the buses run, or whether to implement new sales taxes to fund infrastructure projects, or whether citizens can access health care affordably.

Enter the Easy Blue Vote App


Easy Blue Vote App is a free, simple, user-friendly app that uses voter address location technology to generate a personalized list of every Democratic candidate in the upcoming election and displays the offices for which they are running. It will be an easy, at-a-glance way of choosing the local and state candidates that most closely align with our values.

But elections are only part of Easy Blue Vote app's function. In addition to making voting blue easy, the app will maintain a current listing of local and state elected officials. Using the same location-based technology, users will receive a notification whenever there is a new issue to be decided in the city, county or state district. For example, when a bond issue for road improvements or extended after school child care hours is being considered, users will be introduced to the measure in plain language and asked if they favor or disfavor the it. That feedback will be transmitted directly back to their elected officials. No long public hearings to attend or lines to wait in for your voice to be heard. 

Easy Blue Vote App returns democracy, transparency and accountability to our government and makes it easier than ever for every voter's voice can be heard.


The Race Is On

The good news is that we don’t have to invent new technology to do create the Easy Blue Vote App. This database-driven approach uses basic coding and algorithms that have been available for years. And we have a team of capable and proven developers ready to tackle this project in time for elections in 2020. 


The cost for this nationwide tool is in the $150,000 to $200,000 range -- a fraction of the budget of a single Congressional candidate.Yet it could have an impact on hundreds of thousands of local and state elections and would be felt by millions of Americans in their states and communities. It's critical that we broaden access to voting broaden the voices of the people, make democracy and true representation easier and more accessible to the masses. Easy Blue Vote App can do exactly that.