In political activism, there are only two types of organizations: Mascots and Players.

The mascots run up and down the sidelines, trying to get the crowd riled up. They use memes and videos, and they  blanket social media like the first snow of the season, and hit the fans up for millions of dollars so they can keep cheerleading. 
Mascots get absolutely nothing done.
Then there are players, the workhorses on the field. They canvass, they advise campaigns, they write legislation and they work to persuade people who aren’t even in the stadium to get in the game. They move the ball down the field and they score touchdowns, flipping districts from red to blue and changing policy. 
Players get things done.
And if you’re among the tens of millions of Democrats whose inboxes are overloaded with money pitches from all the big mascots -- and you know who they are --  ask yourself this: what have they done and does it really matter to them if anything changes? 
People Over PACs is a player and we don’t have any mascots.
We have a strategy and an action plan to use the very tools Republicans have used to gain and hold power to turn the tables and take it away from them.
We’ve created this SuperPAC to buoy state and local candidates while simultaneously, making the billions of dollars in right wing PAC money completely irrelevant. After all, if we want to win, we have to play the same game everyone else is playing. And we are in the game - as players.




Easy Blue Vote App


First, we have to make it easy for voters to identify local and state candidates and races.


If you’re like most Americans with more than one job and a family to care for, the last thing you have time for is figuring out your state House district, Senate district, city and county council and school board districts, and who the candidates are. This is tough work, even for the politically engaged! 


Our app, the first of its kind, will make it easy for citizens to find their blue candidates based on user location. 

But our app doesn't stop with elections. Easy Blue Vote App will keep citizens updated on local and state legislation being considered and give them an easy way to have their voices heard by local and state representatives.

No app like this exists right now. Why? Too many mascots and not enough players.




Find the 40 Campaign


Next, we need to find our non-voting voters. The November 2019 Democratic state and local victories proved that an influx of new and lapsed voters can make the difference in every election.


The Find the 40 Campaign will attract and engage the 40 percent of voters who ignore the ballot box because they believe government is broken and that their votes don't matter.


Our Instruments of Good social media project -- featuring real stories that highlight how local and state governments have succeeded in improving the lives of citizens across the country -- is the first step in the Find the 40 campaign. Finally, Democrats will push back against the right-wing rhetoric that government is bad and broken by showing them how it's working for them. 


Minimum wage, healthcare, domestic violence, gun control, medical marijuana and other key issues have all been addressed progressively by states and municipalities, confounding Congressional Republicans and their big money PAC donors, who oppose these reforms at the federal level.




Operation Blue Map


With more new and engaged voters ready to vote and a free app that makes it easier for them (and all of us) to vote, People Over PACs will fuel the direct Democratic counter-response to the Republican's wildly successful Operation Red Map initiative.


The SuperPAC will facilitate the placement of top level campaign operatives who will provide ongoing direct assistance to thousands of small, lower-profile Democratic state and local candidates (and their staffs) nationwide. 


Operation Blue Map gives Democratic candidates the tools they need to match up against skilled and well-funded opponents.




The Anti-ALEC


The point of electing more Democrats is to govern in ways that benefit The People.


For years Republicans have used ALEC-crafted legislation in statehouses across the country to take away voting rights, hinder a woman’s right to choose and even end Medicaid expansion.


People Over PACs will strategically craft bills for state and local Democratic officials to counter harmful legislation being introduced at the state level and we’ll provide them polling in their districts to back up their efforts.


Going on the offensive as well as smartly crafting legislation that hamstrings and blocks harmful Republicans bills will create progress in our states and communities, protecting reproductive rights, immigrant rights and more while providing Democrats (and all citizens) with a firewall against the “Federal FUBAR” government being led by Republicans in Washington. 




The Narrative Coalition

The Republican Party has been able to be successful in enacting its harmful policies largely because of its ability to manipulate the thoughts and worldviews of its constituency through is mastery of narrative, messaging and rhetoric.


In order for the left to be successful and to remove the Republican Party from power politically, we must simultaneously shift thinking and remove their social influence.

The Narrative Coalition has been created to accomplish this objective. A braintrust of linguists, data nerds, marketers, social psychologists, neurologists, political analysts,  communicators and more have been brought together to finally get messaging on the Left, right. 

Dissemination of messaging and narrative is then carried out by Smart Distribution System (SDS) utilizing  a variety of strategies and tactics uniquely suited  to effectively dovetail with the culture of the American Left.